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, the storm center itself is in the vicinity of cape cod and from connecticut to long island. new york city is on the west edge of the most activity as far as snow is concerned and connecticut has the highest measurements right now with two feet of snow and as you can see on the radar, still blustering. >> as john was mentioning, the snow doesn't look like it wants to move out very fast. it has the potential to be a record-breaker. >> this morning 600 businesses and homes without power, the errant is closed. thousands of flights are grounded. james gray has more. >> the amount of snow across the northeast. in some areas including boston, accumulations could reach three feet or more. some of that snow pushed by winds of up to 75 miles an hour. a brutal combination creating dangerous blizzard conditions. the storm has literally stopped most of new england in its tracks. more than 1,800 cancellations at area airports and 4700 flights canceled nationwide. the governor of massachusetts today ordered all cars off the roadaway starting at 4:00 p.m. after this 19-car pileup in maine. scattered cars
. >>> homicide detectives are joining the investigation into a suspicious fatal city fire. this comes after firefighters found the body of a woman inside the became of this home in the 5700 black of high gate drive in northwest baltimore. her death was initially blamed on smoke inhalation but the med examiner's office is working on what killed her. >>> a 2-year-old body is discovered in the trash on its way to the landfill. now her mother is facing charges for the crime. now in a bizarre twist the women says she killed her child because she was possessed by the devil. meghan mccorkell has the story. >> good morning. police got a tip that something might be wrong after neighbors say they haven't seen that little girl for a couple of days. now her mother is facing murder charges. >> the daughter of 2-year-old chassidy booth found in a pile of garbage. her mother confessed to killing the child. booth told police her daughter was suffering from a muslim curse placed on her by her father. she claimed she was possessed by an evil spirit. >> the mother had a plausible story about the child being e
...// 3 released... a dire... report... on... city finances.../ projeccing... massive... deficits in tte future, .../// fox 45.... has... akee... a - closer look... at... -3 what's áddivingá... baltimore's fiscal wwes..../ we scrutinized... ágenerousáá pensions.../ and... healthcareecosts ...foo... city employees. ...// tonight... we... take a look... at... spending ...that gets less attention.../ bottom llne llne 3 whht does this prime piece of inner harbor real esttte and this low income housing project called perkins homes have in common?a tax break the new headqarters of ennrgy giant exelon built on this coveted piece of land will ggt plentyyof tax reaas.that'' because the city used the low income of ressdents of one -3 quallfy the gliztyyand gllmoroussinnee harbor eass offiie complex for taxxrellef itts a penchant for granting 3 projects some say is partly tt blame for the ciiy's current fiscal troubles02:29:39"the citt has been very short sightee when it omes to & development,
, boston, concord, new hampshire. eastern long island, new york city is not as heavy the storm moved a little faster to the east. new york will be linger being moderate snow for awhile -- lingering with moderate snow for awhile and later tonight clear out. as far as our region is concerned we have wind advisories in effect until 6:00 a.m. could gust over 40 miles an hour. you have already seen some of that across the region. across new england the heaviest snow is boston, providence, some portions of connecticut, 18 to 24 inches or more in some locations looks like new york city will end up with less than 5 or 6 inches, the most heavy stuff has shifted. for our region, when we clear out will we see a warm up on the way? more on the forecast coming up chef. >> thank you. homicide detectives joined the investigation into a suspicious fatal fire. the body of a woman was found in the basement of this burning home in the 5700 block of high gate drive, northwest baltimore. her death was initially blamed on smoke inhalation but the arson squad is inves
baltimore city charter schools may be forced to close sooner rather than later. the school board is expected to make its final decision tuesday. that's when the district would officially canceled the contract of schools like the baltimore freedom academy. students lobbied state lawmakers. >> the school has helped me out a lot. it-change to meet. made my parents more proud of me. it means that i can walk up to my parents and let them know i am doing something good with my life. >> an advisory panel recommended the changes. the review was based on still -- on school climate, academic performance and financial management. next, a win win for baltimore? >> fine dining at a tasty festival. celebrating bacon. >> we do have a chance in the 7 day forecast. 35 of the airport. still ravens are suffering from the superbowl. lawmakers are talking about making the raven an official state bird. elementary school students convinced him to introduce the bill. if it were to pass, the ravens would have to share the honor with the oral. -- with the oriole. tourism officials are hoping the rest of the world wil
is now part of the national sales pitch for baltimore city's convention business. >> we're going to keep drumming in the fact that we're super bowl champions. >> after taking out a half paged a in "usa today," they made the rounds at the state house calling the victory a financial touchdown for baltimore. >> it gave us a recent we inventive had before and audience we never had before. >> millions of people are seeing baltimore and hearing it drummed in their head and baltimore is seen as a winner again. >> and destination who says bookings are already 10% higher than the national average. with the super bowl bounce, they are pricing for an of -- that he want to create a job academy to make sure they are trained well. >> tourism officials also using super bowl buzz in their lobbying efforts here for a funding budget to help with operating costs through the time. >> i've been traveling so much. i forgot. it's valentine's day next week. got to get on that, right? >> we've got help for you. >> thank goodness, because a sweet treat is a delicious way to say i love you this valentine's day. >>
. the naaional weather seevvce sayss hat city could get up to seven inches offsnoo. 3 esidents in boston have beennespecially -3 harr it, but thattdoesn't mean there isn'ttroom for a -3 liitle fun! yesterday eeening croodssof people hit tteestreees foo an pmpromptu snowball fight. freezing fog. &p3 when severe & peatter happens anddschooll close.. you ccn acccss the yoor cell phone.go to foxbaltimore dot com and look for "mobile" aa the top - righthand corner of the & screenn download he fox45 mobile news app for your droid orri-phone. 3 3 &p first n ffo.... victii's rights addocates are speaking out affer a pregnant womaa is stabbed to & death....after seekkng 3 33-year-old katie hadel was attacced at her garrison partment uesday. the man charged with her murdeer..is jefffey & shiflett.....n ex- boyfriend...who family members say thheattned her for years.....even ffom prison. last month shiilett was released afttr serving time on -a robbery charge....but now advo
feetá of snow... and this could break thh city's recorr from 2203 menino says: "this is a storm the roads, stayy home, let he public works crews do theirr job." in portland, maine, 19-car injuries, but underrcored the offiiiaas urge peopleeto stay smart... and stayyoff the roads 33"we woulddhope tonight nd ttmorrow, during the brunt of thh storm, that you would alll just take tte opportunity tt friends" ...so what can we expect ffom phis storm? storm?meteorologiss emmly look at this weekend's winter &pbe the first to know what happened overright...tune in to foo45 morning news... tooorrow morniig..get the &platest forecast......and aa pnderway.fox45 orning news staats a 6 tomorrow morning when severe peather happens and schhols close.. you can accees the latest information right on yourrcell phone.go to &foxbalti for "mobile" at the top righthand corner of the screen. app for yoor droid or i-phone. victims... ights advocctes ... sound....the alarm tonight... after the stabbbng deaah... of a mother. hadel ...was attacked... at... her garrison apartment mann.. charged with murder...
the rubber meeting the road a little bit and it's the hardest stuff. we screened in sioux city before anyone had seen the movie for all the administrators in the movie. obviously we've been down a long road with this community and i will make a point thanking them for their courage in making this film, which is what you thought nobody would ever do, which is allow a camera to film for a year inside a building and film those interactions and those conversations. but they did it because they wanted to do better. but when we first did the screening, someone that had been an administrator for many many years basically said, listen, if we're going to be honest in unpacking this movie, then we have to recognize and i'll be the first one to say it, that i have made those mistakes. i have rushed to judge. i have gotten it wrong in exactly that same way many times in my career. then suddenly the conversation started to flow and not only did people connect to how they missed those moments and that they don't, that they felt they didn't have the training to catch those moments or really do that inne
gusts, we expect more folks to lose their power. >> new york city may not get the worst of the storm, but the mayor is telling residents to sit tight. >> stay home, read a good book, take it easy. >> when it's all over, the hazardest hit areas could see as much as 3 feet of snow. marley hall for cbs news, hartford, connecticut. >>> it's going to be rough overnight and high tide comes in the morning and that could result in coastal flooding. top, give us an idea, where is the snow and how much is piling up? >> some reports of 10 inches know in coastal connecticut. here are the heavy bands of snow. you can see the banding moving from the southeast across to the northwest. now it is filled in, even around northern new jersey. they were dry for a while and now they are looking at some more snow. the heaviest bands of snow are still right along the coastal connecticut area and into rhode island and the winds are beginning to pick up as well. see the whiter colors. those are your heavy bands of snow. a heavy band of snow up i-91 from hartford towards bridgeport. it's a snow magnet. alre
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)

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